Neil speaks in Stalking Protection Bill debate

Neil O’Brien, MP for Harborough, spoke in the Stalking Protection Bill debate in Parliament on behalf of murdered constituent Alice Ruggles. Alice was killed in 2016 by her ex-boyfriend Trimaan Dhillon following his stalking and harassing behaviour

Alice had contacted Northumbria Police to report his behaviour, though the stalking continued despite these concerns being raised by Alice. The new Stalking Protection Bill sponsored by Dr Sarah Wollaston MP had its third reading in the House, which Neil O’Brien MP spoke in support of.

Neil said, “I spoke in strong support of this bill on behalf of all victims of stalking, particularly Alice Ruggles, a victim of stalking who pleaded for help before she was murdered.

This bill will strengthen the protections available to victims and hopefully ensure we don’t have another life lost to the horrible crime of stalking. I’d like to pay tribute to Alice’s family for all they have done on this also, in terms of working with the police to strengthen their processes in place and raising awareness more generally.

Through the Alison Ruggles Trust they have campaigned incredibly hard on this important issue, and this is reflected in the new Bill that I support in the strongest possible terms.”