Neil O’Brien supports petition ‘Bring Leicester City October School Break In Line with County’

Neil O’Brien, MP for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston supports calls from parents and teachers to get Leicester City to align its school holidays with the rest of the county.

There is growing concern about Leicester City Council’s decision to adopt different dates than the rest of the county for its schools’ half term break in October 2018. For the schools the City runs, the half term break starts on October 22 next year in Leicester, but in Leicestershire it begins a week earlier on October 15. My constituents just outside the city in Oadby and Wigston are particularly affected by this decision, as a number have children in both City and County schools. Different holidays will cause a lot of inconvenience for parents, making childcare and holidays difficult or impossible.

Over 15,000 people have now signed a petition to urge the City Council to revise their school holiday dates and bring the City in line with the rest of the County.…/bring-leicester-city-oct…/

Neil O’Brien said: “A number of parents and teachers have been in touch with me to express their concerns. The City Council knew the county’s holiday dates were already set when they decided to set these dates.

I know the City argues that aligning with the rest of the county would result in two half terms of quite different lengths. While I hear this argument, I don’t think it justifies the disruption this decision will cause for parents, and I hope the City Council will find a way to reverse this decision while we are still nearly a year away from the problem.

I talked to Martin Ballard on Radio Leicester about how we can solve this issue - hope the council will listen.”