MP and Councillors call on Miller Homes to reopen road in Great Glen

Harborough MP Neil O’Brien and Great Glen councillors James Hallam and Rani Mahal are demanding Miller Homes re-open a key road in Great Glen as soon as possible.

The Oaks Road has been closed to traffic at the point where it leaves the village since the start of March, to enable works related to a controversial new housing development. The works were supposed to be over within three months.

However, while many building sites have been working throughout the coronavirus pandemic or have at least been back open for several weeks, work on the road in Great Glen is only just about to restart, meaning the road will likely remain shut for some time.

Neil O’Brien MP said:

“The closure of the road is extremely bad for local businesses which are now back up and running again, and struggling because of the virus. It’s a major inconvenience for residents. People, including me, didn’t want this development to go ahead. Millers got agreement to close the road for a long period. I have been in touch with them several times to chase but they haven’t used the last couple of weeks to get working on it. Their actions are just stretching out the inconvenience for residents. They must get on with it and get it done as soon as possible.”

Cllr James Hallam said:

“We appreciate there has been disruption because of the virus, but other building sites have been making progress in recent weeks with people working in a safe way.  Given that this site is currently causing the road to be blocked at great inconvenience to our residents and costs to business, they should be under a special responsibility to get on with it.”

Cllr Rani Mahal said:

“We really need Millers to get this road back open. They should be pulling out all the stops and paying whatever it takes to get this done ASAP.  It is inconveniencing people in our village, and is bad for Great Glen businesses. There have been a lot of issues with Millers developments and they need to take responsibility and get this sorted out”